CRIME: Olympic park under attack

The Olympic Park, the landmark of the modern Federal Republic, is under attack. The halls and towers of the imposing park are overshadowed by an impending danger that must be stopped. You are the hidden investigators on site and have to follow up clues from the police control center. Gather enough information on site and prevent the worst. Then you will be rewarded twice: with the most impressive view of the most beautiful – and now again safest – city in the world.

Did you know that Munich has its own “Walk of Fame” or that the most famous mountain is actually a large garbage heap? The tour includes interesting facts about the history and hidden corners of the Olympic Park.

While you solve an exciting case, you will spend unforgettable hours in front of the most impressive backdrop in the city. Our “crime scenes” include the BMW World, the Olympic Stadium and the famous Olympic Tower. And of course many hidden and otherwise unknown places.

In addition, there are always tips for the best photo spots in the park, directly provided by local photographers.

You can easily get to the starting point with the subway lines U3 or U8 . It starts right at the stop Olympiazentrum.

Price29 Euro
Duration120 min
StartSubwaystation Olympiazentrum
FinishOlympic park

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